Even The Test For Carpal Tunnel Is Painful

from the uh-oh dept

Like most people I know who use a computer way too much of their daily lives, I’ve got random pains that I attribute to bad computer ergonomics. I’ve recently made some changes in how I use my computer (though, bad habits have a way of creeping back) to try to fight this. However, if you don’t think it’s a big deal, here’s an article explaining how even the test for carpal tunnel syndrome is painful. The doctor even told the writer that people have passed out on him. Well, I know I’ll be sitting up straight for at least a day.

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Comments on “Even The Test For Carpal Tunnel Is Painful”

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Anonymous Coward says:

CTS is no joke, but...

…I have a hard time believing half the “techy” CTS stories I hear. Why? Well, I’ve worked manual labor positions that involve heafting a 19 inch chain saw at or above shoulder level for 8+ hours a day. I know what *real* CTS is and I also know why loggers wear kevlar chaps. In real CTS, you drop your chainsaw because the muscles and tendons in your wrist temporarily break the mylar shielding your nerves that control your hand. It feels *exactly* like an electric shock. Since very few techies bleed to death in the woods because of their CTS, I think you can understand my point of view.

steve snyder says:

Yeah Carpal Tunnel (RSI) is a hoax

There was an article from some Canadian agency that said it was all a hoax. Of course such posting set off a huge flurry of responses on slashdot: Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A Hoax?

Sorry to the AC above, but it is very real in computer related work, and especially programming. While it may not be “hard manual labor” the thing is the keyboard was designed to slow typing down so the old hammers wouldn’t hit each other. In terms of stress on the wrists, it is practically a torture device. If you do anything repetitively for long periods of time, it is going to cause excessive stress to your body–I’ve only gotten a slight taste of it, and the pain was enough to make me take 2 days off, and to be very careful from then on. When you’ve spent 10+ hours typing a couple thosandlines, often times repetitively hitting awkward key combinations over and over again to test or debug, let me know how your hands feel.


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