Clear Cutting The Radio Forest

from the clear-channel-clears-out-everything-local dept

We’ve written about Clear Channel and their effort to take all originality out of radio before. Wired is started a three part series looking at how Clear Channel dominates the radio market in San Diego. While it dominates the radio market in most places, its even worse in San Diego, where they’ve found a nice loophole to the number of stations they can own in a certain market by taking control of a number of stations over the border in Tiajuana that broadcast into San Diego. They also run, but do not own, another – since the laws put a limit on ownership, not the number a company manages. The on-air formula, of course, is the same one they use everywhere else, and the radio stations are apparently doing well – suggesting most people don’t care. Unfortunately, those of us who don’t like most of the crap they play are left with nothing to listen to on the radio.

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