Too Many Coincidences

from the these-guys-are-lying dept

Dan Gillmor’s latest column looks at the various corporate insider dealing scandals and points out that while a few may actually be coincidences, there’s simply no way all of these insider deals “just happened” at such opportune times. Clearly, whatever oversight system we have in place to keep shady dealings out of executive offices isn’t working. It’s unlikely a weak law change is going to do much either.

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Comments on “Too Many Coincidences”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Devil's Advocate

I think Gillmor’s absolutely right on the money, but to play devil’s advocate, what if we’re just focusing on the deals that paid off handsomely because nobody paid much attention whenever anybody didn’t make a lot of money. There could have been a lot of those cases, too. Or maybe not — if you were a CEO in the boom years, if your company’s stock price didn’t rise as fastas everyone elses (or even declined) no problem. You’d just get another huge chunk of options at the new lower price or get the old ones repriced.

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