The Internet Was Never Growing So Fast

from the blame-Worldcom dept

Apparently, a few years back a researcher got skeptical of all those numbers saying that internet bandwidth demand was doubling every 90 to 100 days. So, like a good researcher should, he checked it out, and found that it was really doubling every year – which makes a huge difference over the long term. He also discovered that the biggest proponents of the “every 90 to 100 days” myth were folks at WorldCom. He told us all this in 1998 and again in 2000. Unfortunately, no one listened, and many people took the 90 to 100 days point as a fact, and based many of their other predictions on such numbers.

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Comments on “The Internet Was Never Growing So Fast”

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steve snyder says:

Power of Myth

Blame the media or people’s tendencies to believe amazing things or what have you, but it amazes me how things like this become generally accepted facts. They’re really just like urban legends. Another one that I just stumbled across is the brain usage thing. What percentage of our brains do we use? 10-15% right? That’s what everyone things, but it’s completly wrong. The truth is that we use 100% of our brain–all areas of the brain are active at some point, the idea that there is this vast amount of unused capacity that holds ESP or telekinesis or something is utter crap. But it’s repeated so much it has become something that almost everyone believes. For more, just do a google search on Percentage of brain usage or whatever other terms you like, and you’ll find stuff from doctors–neurolgists & brain specialist in particular which absolutely debunk the myth. And yet it’s still widespread.

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