WiFi Honeypots

from the watch-out-where-you-connect dept

A few months ago I was travelling in Washington DC and I searched desperately for any sort of WiFi access point, where I’d be able to surf freely (or even cheaply) without having to resort to dialup in my hotel room. I couldn’t find any nearby WiFi locations that were listed anywhere, but I did randomly try a few times to see if there were any open nodes wherever I was at the time (never with any luck). If I tried again now, perhaps I would end up in a WiFi honeypot set up by SAIC to try to get data on how hackers piggyback on insecure WiFi systems to launch attacks. I would imagine that the vast majority of people who log onto open WiFi networks simply want internet access and have no plans on hacking anything, so I don’t know how useful the honeypots will be.

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