Another Lawsuit Attacking The DMCA

from the keep-chipping-away dept

The ACLU (what, no EFF this time?) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ben Edelman, against a filtering software company, in the hopes of getting some of the more ridiculous portions of the DMCA thrown out as unconstitutional. So far, all of the DMCA court challenges haven’t gone very well, and there’s no real reason to think this one will go much better. However, we can still hope that in one of these cases, a judge will realize how bad parts of this law are. If we get a few conflicting judgments from different courts, then it’s more likely that some case will eventually make it to the Supreme Court where (hopefully) the bad parts of the DMCA can be ditched for good. As for this specific case, Edelman wants to create a piece of software that will decrypt the block lists of various filtering software companies. Right now, that would break the DMCA. The case is to set an injunction against one of the companies to prevent them from suing. Update: Here’s an interview with Ben Edelman about the case.

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