Phone Shui

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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was explaining how he rearranged his bedroom thanks to feng shui principles. He started telling me a few of the basic ideas and I realized I broke just about every rule he mentioned. I don’t really believe much in that stuff, but in thinking about ways that I could follow those rules, I realized I could rearrange my bedroom and increase the wallspace so I could put in another (much needed) bookshelf. Not necessarily the intended consequence (good energy or what not), but it will help me put away some books that have no place to go (assuming I ever get around to doing the actual rearranging). Anyway, I doubt that the new phone shui system will lead to such wonderful results. Some feng shui experts in the UK are setting up a site for people to get more positive energy out of their mobile phones using the principles of “phone shui”. According to these folks, what ring tones you use, how you answer and use your phone, and how you send text messages all impact the amount of “positive energy” in your life. Well, I’m no phone shui expert, but I’d suggest that anyone with one of those annoying ringtones, or who talks loudly on the phone in public is inviting all sorts of negative energy in their general direction. Honestly, it sounds like the people who set this up work for a mobile phone accessory maker, because they tell people to buy new covers with different colors/designs for their mobile phones.

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