Breaking The Law In The Name Of Free Speech

from the crack-DRM-onstage dept

Bruce Perens is trying to drum up some publicity for his plans to explain how to crack some DRM technology in a DVD player at O’Reilly’s Open Source conference on Friday. Doing so will be against the DMCA law, and could potentially get him into trouble. That’s part of the reason he’s doing it. It’s clear that a good test case is needed to show just how bad some of the DMCA clauses are, but I’m not sure flaunting ways to break the law will be that convincing to a judge. It would be much more useful if a more straightforward case were brought to court, instead of one that appears to be set up just to make a statement.

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Comments on “Breaking The Law In The Name Of Free Speech”

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reader says:

Legal ramifications would be interesting

He bought the player from eBay, which was already modified. I am not sure but one can argue; “I didn’t do that, I am just explaining what could be done or what someone else has done”. Explaining a hack made by someone else may not necessarily qualify for a larger penalty or may not even be considered a crime, if one can argue well.

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