People Would Like To Telecommute

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I know a number of people who have tried telecommuting. It certainly works for some people. For others, though, there are simply too many distractions. However, for people who haven’t tried telecommuting, there appears to be a lot of interest in trying it out. Over half of the people asked in a recent study believe that telecommuting would improve their quality of life. 46% think it would improve the quality of their work as well. Of course, when given the choice between a raise and telecommuting, most people chose the raise – so the value placed on telecommuting might not be that high.

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Comments on “People Would Like To Telecommute”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

When you factor in all the “little” expenses of the traditional workday (tolls, drycleaning, gas for the car, wear and tear on the car, lunches, vending machines, starbucks, etc) most people can take a paycut and still be better off financially by telecommuting. This doesn’t even factor in the mental bebfits of not sitting in traffic everyday!

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