Get Ready For The Daily Email Virus From Your Senator

from the good-idea,-bad-implementation dept

Ok. Clearly, the US Senate needed to upgrade their email system. cc:mail is such a horrible piece of software that it’s scary that anyone, let alone our federal government, was ever using it. However, having the Senate upgrade to Microsoft Outlook is likely to present another set of problems. With the unfortunate increasing interest in political spam, it won’t be long before a Senator ends up sending out an Outlook-caused email virus to all of his or her constituents (and probably millions of innocent bystanders as well).

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Comments on “Get Ready For The Daily Email Virus From Your Senator”

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J.D. (profile) says:

No Thanks

This may be considered a drastic approach by some, but I can honestly say that if I receive an email from any politician, they can be sure I will not vote for them no matter what.

Unsolicited email is still “unsolicited” no matter who it comes from, and I will deal with it in the same manner that I do unsolicited telemarketing… refuse to even talk to them.

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