How Spammers Think

from the so-sad dept

Here’s an article that discusses a bunch of spam related issues. Most of what’s in the article you probably already know about, but there were a few interesting (scary) tidbits. First, it mentions that the Direct Marketing Association considers anyone who doesn’t respond to an unsolicited email as having opted-in. That’s right. While everone with half a brain says never ever respond to spam, the DMA is using that to say you’ve opted-in. Someone needs to explain “opt-in” to them. The second is the news that spammers have their own organizations (beyond the DMA, if you consider that a more legitimate organization). The article talks about the NOIC – the National Organization of Internet Commerce, who had plans to post a list of AOL email addresses for all their members to spam. They claim (in all seriousness, I believe) that AOL tried to block them because they only want AOL members to get spam from AOL. Basically, they’re suggesting that AOL is hogging its own users when it comes to spam, and that they should learn to share. This is how spammers think, apparently.

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