Web Camouflage Aims To Beat Censors

from the hidden-away dept

dsg writes “New computer software promises to undermine government and workplace restrictions on internet use by camouflaging suspicious communications within innocent internet traffic. The banned content is returned hidden inside innocuous-looking digital images.” Sort of combining anonymous/proxy browsing with steganography. At first I thought they were talking about the stego and anonymous browsing software, Camera/Shy, that was announced recently by Hacktivismo. However, this seems to be different software, developed by some MIT researchers, and goes by the name Infranet. Of course, you have to wonder if the US government will now freak out and decide that this sort of thing is dangerous and can be used by evil hacker terrorists, as well. Will they cart off a bunch of MIT scientists? The Hacktivismo software has already been labeled a “hacking tool”, so I wonder if it’s only a hacking tool when created by a group that people consider “hackers”. If it’s MIT scientists is it any less of a “hacking tool” according to the powers that be?

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