The Technology Never Worked

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The latest piece from Salon points out that beyond the various accounting scandals, a bigger problem in the technology world might be that most of the huge “productivity enhancing” systems sold over the past few years simply don’t work. The article talks about how CEOs, beyond just cooking the books, tend to ignore the fact that the technology they’re peddling very rarely does what they say it does. Anyone who’s dealt with massive technology projects can probably relate to this on some level. Technology firms not only seem to lie about their accounting, but they lie about their products as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if technology companies actually delivered what they promised… and then accounted properly for it. What a world that would be.

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Comments on “The Technology Never Worked”

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1 Comment
Level_Ed says:

Tech Deliverables

It truly would be a wonderful world if the technology advertised was the same that was delivered. Quotas and cut-throat managers, however, leave no room for such frivolities. The unfortunate truth about this unfortunate situation, is that technology problems are seldom addressed at an Executive Management level until too late, and the damage is already done.

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