Fun Things To Do With Ads

from the stop-yer-whining dept

A very amusing (and, I hope I’m not wrong in assuming this is a tongue-in-cheek column) from David Lidsky suggesting that consumers really need to embrace advertisements as they are to keep them from getting any more intrusive. My favorite suggestion is to play pop-up poker. Surf around until you’ve got five pop-up ads in your task bar and then check out your hand. Anyone want to play? My first hand didn’t come out so great. Two Orbitz, one magazine ad, an AmEx credit card offer, and (phew) the ever-present x10 ad.

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Comments on “Fun Things To Do With Ads”

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1 Comment
The Captain says:


that is an original idea and it did give me a laugh.
THe problem is this…ad companies and marketters do NOT follow conventional logic. Allow me to demonstrate using the example of spam…
Sending millions of spam does what?
Conventional Logic: Pisses millions of potential customers
Marketting logic: Makes money from the 0.0001 percent of suckers who buy in.
Now banner ad people want to sell….so no matter WHAT you do, there WILL be more banner ads/popups because they refuse to realize that its annoying (same as spammers).
Scenario #1 (Actual situation now I think) – Banner ads/pops are not generating enough revenue
Solution (following marketting logic): Make MORE popups and banner ads, make them MORE intrusive so people will see them more and click on them (that’s questionable to me…but remember we’re following marketting logic).
Now…playing your game…let’s examine scenario #2
Scenario #2: Banner ads/pop ups are working, people are clicking on them like crazy!
Solution (Or reaction): Lets make MORE, BIGGER and more intrusive!!! That way we get even MORE money!!!
So as you can see, I doubt your game will change anything. To get rid or tone down popups and banner ads, it would take cooperation from EVERYONE on the net (or almost) to put these people out of business by refusing to see or click on these ads…to show we don’t want to be intruded upon..that we WOULD tolerate a reasonable amount of marketting, but not this unscrupulous, annoying, intrusive over-the-top grab my money and run shit that’s going on now. And no one will do that.
I mean why should *I* joe six pack give up my favorite sites, when I can easily block them silly ads?
(Actually, I think the same solution would apply to spammers…if NO ONE EVER read their mail, or clicked on their link, it would eventually die…might take a while, but it would).

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