Time Warner Back In Control… But Where's Steve Case?

from the party's-over dept

After yesterday’s news that Bob Pittman was out at AOL and various Time Warner execs were sizing up his office, many reports pointed out that the “revolution” was over and that the adults had returned. However, one name that was missing from most of these reports was Steve Case. AOL’s dynamic founder, and still the chairman of AOL-Time Warner. The NY Times has an article saying that many are hoping Case becomes more involved again. Case, himself, points out that he’s Chairman and not CEO, and that his role is more to be a sounding board than a leader.

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Comments on “Time Warner Back In Control… But Where's Steve Case?”

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1 Comment
D Henkel-Wallace says:

Why should he return?

I had always assumed the motivation for the AoL/TW deal was solely to allow Steve Case to retire. Any other way of stepping back would have cratered AoL’s stock price. Instead, he just announced the deal and let the press speculate as to what the “grand design” might be!

I’d say his plan was excellent — why should he change?

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