First Commercial Radio Internet Simulcast Silenced

from the no-more-internet-radio dept

Ah, the recording industry is doing their damndest to make sure we can only listen to the crap they want to shove down our throats. Thanks to the ridiculous new royalty scheme, the first commercial radio station to simultaneously stream its programming on the internet has had to go offline. So, once again, the music industry – which claims they’re “protecting artists” – has made it much more difficult for people to hear any new or interesting music. Instead, we’re being forced to listen to the same pop crap from Clear Channel that none of us want to hear. And they wonder why fewer people are buying albums?

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Comments on “First Commercial Radio Internet Simulcast Silenced”

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1 Comment
spook313 says:


I’m stunned that these people cannnot see the limitless potential marketing here. I’m to the point now where I’m speechless.

Are the smaller companies next? Will we have Hillary Rosen waving the flag of mediocrity and screaming that the small companies are hurting the artist?

Fact…When http// was still spinning, I bought more music than I ever have in my life. Since they went offline, I haven’t paid for a single, digital bit.

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