Andy Grove: Stop Stigmatizing CEOs, Start Fixing Real Problems

from the straight-talking dept

I have to admit, I’ve always been impressed with everything I’ve heard Andy Grove speak, or seen him write an opinion. Once again, it seems he’s dead on with his reaction to the current “corporate crisis” that we’re going through these days. He says people are overreacting in simply blaming all CEOs for being bad. And then, unlike some complainers these days, he goes on to lay out his (very reasonable) suggestions for what companies need to do to get rid of corrupt CEOs and accounting scandals. Basically, his suggestions are about accountability and cutting out the back-scratching, behind-the-scenes-dealing nature of business.

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Comments on “Andy Grove: Stop Stigmatizing CEOs, Start Fixing Real Problems”

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1 Comment
Lee says:

The junta

It seems to me that evil leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Dr Evil (and Minime) and such could not exist without an evil staff to support them. The workers down the chain or may or may not know what is going on up higher. These questionable CEOs are not acting alone.

Yes, not all corporate leaders are criminal, I have worked for some that occupied the moral high ground. But we are now in a witch hunt and looking for someone to burn.

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