Hackers Can Get Life Sentences

from the Kevin-Mitnick-should-be-thankful-he-got-out dept

In its latest bit of scary over-reacting, the US government has approved legislation that could put “hackers” in jail for life. It’s all part of the latest anti-cyber-terror campaign, where people with no clue about the technology they’re regulating decide to over-regulate in order to not look bad when something goes wrong. What seems scary is that not only does this bill seem to be excessive in its punishment, it’s worded just vaguely enough that I can see it being applied in extremely bad ways.

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Comments on “Hackers Can Get Life Sentences”

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Anonocow says:

Re: No Subject Given

Let me help you make sense of it…

Q.Blowing billions of investor dollars, retirement plans & pensions effects who the most?

A.We The People.

Q. Hacking into a credit card database effects who the most?

A. Corporate America.

Q. Who lines the pockets of Washington?

A. Corporate America.

Look at the number of people who voted in 2000. Look at the number of bills that are taking away our rights. Regardless of what Washington does we’re going to vote along the party lines they stand on without much thought. Very few people actually listen to both sides of an argument and form an opinion. The politicians will blame the opposing party and those that support the candidates party will agree. Look at how often incumbents are re-elected. Washington sucks but we send the same people back until they retire. Why should Washington worry?

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