Yahoo Changing Emails

from the espresso-is-much-better-than-mocha-anyway dept

The latest issue of NTK talks about how Yahoo! modifies HTML emails to avoid scripting attacks. Basically, they’ve put up filters that will automatically change private emails between people to stop the small chance that it’s a scripting attack. The filter doesn’t seem to work particularly well, though, and there are some funny changes that result. NTK has put together a complete list of changes that Yahoo makes, including changing “mocha” into “espresso” and “expression” into “statement”. They really don’t like “eval”, which becomes “review”. This, however, becomes quite a problem due to the many words that have “eval” as part of the word. Medieval, for instance makes significantly less sense as medireview. I think it might be time for Yahoo to evaluate (oh, wait, that should be reviewuate) their procedures…

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