No Merit: Judge Tosses NCR Suit Against Palm & Handspring

from the frivolous-lawsuits dept

theodp writes “A U.S. District Court has issued a summary judgement in the patent infringement lawsuit filed against Palm and Handpring by NCR, dismissing NCR’s suit as having no merit. Praising the decision, Handspring’s CEO said “Settlement of this case was never an option”, while Palm’s CEO remarked “We refuse to succumb to intimidation by companies that use charges of patent infringement to bully others.” One of the NCR patents in question was for “a portable terminal small enough to fit in the user’s hand,” and the complaint went on to claim that NCR’s researchers, “recognized an unsatisfied need for a portable, handheld device which would allow the user to information such as appointments, to-do lists, and addresses, and execute financial and shopping transactions by connecting to networks using an interface module.””

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