Mac Users Are Smarter

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Look at me. Everyone claims that I’m a Mac hater, and here I am posting a story about how a new study shows Mac users are smarter, make more money, and are more web savvy. I must be a stupid Windows users to post such a story…

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Comments on “Mac Users Are Smarter”

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Cory (user link) says:

What the frick ?

Either this article is dumb or I am too tired (and too much of a dumb Windows user) to understand this.

8.2% of ALL interent users use Mac’s and 70.2% of that 8.2% have college degrees, whereas the total number of people with college degrees online is 54.2% of all web users.

So what if 5 people have Mac’s and all 5 of them went to college (100%). Still doesnt compare to 800 PC users where only 400 of them went to college (50%). Sure the percents are better, but I would rather market my stuff to 400 people then just to 5.

Also if Apple wants to stay alive they better start understanding the more they blend with the PC market the better chance they have.

The Captain says:

I don't know about that

My experience with Mac users (I’m surrounded by them) is that they seem to worry more about how a computer looks than what it can do (ie: the iMac, the power book…etc..). Which annoys me…how a computer looks shouldn’t be a selling point imho. That just dumbs down the average user even more and that’s something we don’t need.

Another annoying thing that some of the more techie Mac Users will do is laugh when windows crash and loudly profess that their macs never do…yet when I watch them use their precious macs, I see them freeze and reboot just as often as my windows machine…but they then insist that it wasn’t a crash…just a freeze. WTF?

I just switch to linux and avoid the “freezes” and then laugh at them all.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: I don't know about that

Another annoying thing that some of the more techie Mac Users will do is laugh when windows crash and loudly profess that their macs never do…
I agree! How can you get excited about a computer that doesn’t include something as basic as a manual eject button on the floppy or CD drive?
I once dated a girl who owned a Mac. She mail-ordered some floppy disks of fonts for her Mac and one of the disks had a virus on it that prevented the diskette from being ejected. Her computer (and thus her DTP business) were down for a day and a half while she waited for a repair technician to come out and EJECT THE FLOPPY DISK.
And what about the deal with the Celine Dion albums crashing a Mac? If it crashes your PC, no big deal, you MANUALLY eject the disc and restart your PC, but you CAN’T do that with a Mac.
Oh, and in keeping with the tradition of the latest Mac commercials…
My name is Oliver Wendell Jones… and I’m a hacker.

Jared says:

Re: Re: I don't know about that

You apparently dumped that girl with good reason. Macs have the Hail Mary paper-clip ejection system just like PCs. Just because she was too ignorant to use it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Personally, I’ll take an OS that doesn’t corrupt its own data structure so badly that a defragger is standard issue. BTW in OS X, the OS never crashes. Apps may but the OS doesn’t. Just hums right along. And I use GNU and open source software too on mine. That’s the beauty of the system. Viva FINK!!!

MeanGuy says:

Re: Re: I don't know about that

Under normal circumstances, it would be downright funny to review these anti-Mac comments. But, due to the utter ignorance normally found within the low-brow PC gender, I can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who touts the Windoze banner. Can’t do that on a Mac!…never heard such a benial comment.

Digital Czar says:

Re: Re: I don't know about ejecting Mac disks

Yes, I corrected your statement to now be correct.

It’s a trivial matter to use the paper clip to eject the disk when there is no activity.

OTOH,on your PC, bump the button while the disk is being written to or read from and it’s a problem.

Oh, and how old was that Mac? Virtually no one sends things out on floppy disks these days.

Oh, you were talking about things you don’t understand.

Cory (user link) says:

Mac crashes

We have an iMac at work that is only used to open different applications on as part of creating user environments and tech support. That’s it and it dies all the time.

And we really abused its little no-fan-butt when the A/C went out last summer. You would open a folder a boom it was dead. hehe Smart move Apple, way to save $5.

Give me a good old home built PC any day of the week.

alternatives says:

Re: Mac crashes

No fans? Thats a Jobs thing. Look at the history of the Apple ///. Yes that ‘5 year’ design was ALL Jobs. (unlike the original Mac that was Rafkin’s and Jobs claims it was his idea) The Apple /// had BAD overheating problems, and there was a 3rd party market for cooling fans.

Oh, Steve? Have you started bathing yet? Have you stopped flushing your feet in the toilet?

Bob says:


Note the study does not establish higher intelligence; it establishes “above-average household income and education levels”, which follows, considering Apple’s higher price tag.

These are marketing terms, and the story doesn’t seem to be intended to be incendiary or provocative, in my opinion — the headline is the only thing that asks the sensitive question of higher intelligence. But it only asks the question, it doesn’t assert it, and the story doesn’t seem to, either.

Anonymous Coward says:

Relax Children

You (Mac/PC/Linux) people getting are all worked up because a total stranger at a website had an opinion? Step away from the keyboard and go make a friend. The computer is not you. The OS is not a family member. People have the right to use whatever operating system they want… even if it is different than yours.

NixerX says:

This is a biased study!!

This is stupid…
This study has lost ALL validity with me because most eduacational facilities use Mac because of the deals that Apple cuts with schools from Elememntaty to College..of course mac users will appear smarter if the majority of usesrs are from * or *.edu! They are in the business of education.

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