Nanotech May Be Overhyped?

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It seems a study has been released suggesting that nanotechnology may be overhyped these days. I think anyone who’s been following the news in nanotechnology would be shocked that the words “may be” was needed. It’s pretty clear that nanotechnology is an emerging technology area that has the potential to do great things. However, most of those great things are a long ways off and will require a lot of time and money before we see anything marketable. In the meantime, though, plenty of companies are adding “nano” to their name when their real work has little to nothing to do with nanotechnology.

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Comments on “Nanotech May Be Overhyped?”

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1 Comment
u2604ab says:

in Scientific Journals too

The nano-hype, I think, peaked in research journals about a year ago; Around then it seemed that people were occationally re-publishing old results, just rewritten to point out that they were applicable to emerging nano-ideas.

The stupidest one I saw was a paper that took someone else’s DNA-protein structure and pointed out that this DNA-protein complex could be used as a nano-camshaft.

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