Making Mainstream Online Games

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There is a bit of a stereotype around the hardcore online gamer as being a bit of a geek. While that’s obviously not true of all players, there are many who would say it’s true of a fairly large percentage. With the success of EverQuest and other online games among the hardcore gamers, plenty of other online games are coming to market – and some developers are realizing they can’t focus on just the geeks any more. So, they’re facing the challenge of designing a more mainstream game that (gasp!) even women will like. They even say that they want to design games that don’t require you to play twenty to forty hours a week, but instead can be more casual. The article focuses on Star Wars Gallaxies and The Sims Online as two attempts to go beyond the usual gaming crowd.

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Comments on “Making Mainstream Online Games”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: no subject

Yeah, that was kind of my reaction as well, but I don’t know anything about online games in general, or Star Wars Galaxies specifically, so I wasn’t sure. However, in the article they try to make it sound as though the game really isn’t focused on geeks… But, I would think it’ll be tough to avoid the geeks and even tougher to attract the non-geeks.

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