Wish Lists: Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

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theodp writes Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare is a disturbing report on how young teenage ‘camgirls’ are actively soliciting gifts by pointing strangers to their ‘wish lists’ on shopping sites such as Amazon, sometimes with the promise of more revealing photographs in return. While Amazon.co.uk expressed concern that some of its wish lists were being used ‘in an inappropriate manner’, the feature lives on, unlike the “What’s Your Advice?” feature, which Amazon quickly pulled after they “witnessed some cases of commercial abuse, which violates our usage policy.”” This is, of course, an almost exact replica (though, in the UK) of an article we posted last year about cam girls getting gifts. I don’t necessarily see how this is Amazon’s problem. They simply are offering a very useful tool that people are using in a questionable way. Blaming Amazon for offering this tool is simply a way of shirking off the responsibility of parents who should know what their daughters are doing.

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Comments on “Wish Lists: Every Parent's Worst Nightmare”

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1 Comment
A. Coward says:

The problem

The problem is potentionally bad PR. They don’t want to offend womens group as being a tool used for exploiting women. Whether or not this is true or you agree with the statement is irrelevant. People will stop shopping at Amazon and Amazon will have to spend lots of money to defend its image. I don’t think its fair to Amazon but if someone wants to make a name for themselves…

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