Labels To Net Radio: Die Now

from the don't-want-them-to-survive dept

Newsweek has an article explaining why the music labels want internet radio stations to go away. It’s pretty obvious stuff. These internet radio stations don’t necessarily play the lowest common denominator of music, and cater to all sorts of diverse audiences. This makes it more difficult for the record labels to pop out their two or three carefully constructed mega-stars each year. While it’s certainly likely to increase the sales of a more diverse set of artists, the record labels don’t care about that. They make their money off the plastic pop-sensations.

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Comments on “Labels To Net Radio: Die Now”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Have you hugged RIAA lately?

I thought the Labels wanted internet radio to go away because it was more evil than Dr. Evil himself? After all, Enron’s collapsed because people were downloading Eminem mp3s instead of working extra hard and using that money to buy CDs and bolstering the economy! Give RIAA money and America will shine once again! 🙂

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