Blame The Valley For Fraud

from the it's-all-our-fault dept

It seems that many people looking to blame the fraud and corporate sleaze showing up every day in the headlines are starting to point their fingers at Silicon Valley business practices (NY Times article, deal with it as you must). Despite the fact that WorldCom, Enron, Global Crossing and others are not actually from the Valley, it seems that we’re still getting a lot of the blame. Many of the reforms that people are talking about wouldn’t necessarily correct the messes of those other companies, but could take away some of the ways that entrepreneurs have used to build companies over the last few years. Silicon Valley companies are hitting back, defending some of their practices. I think there’s probably some truth to both sides, and now each side is blowing everything out of proportion. No matter what, I have no problem with people looking at certain practices to see if they’re dangerous. However, blaming something that isn’t really a part of the problem isn’t going to solve very much.

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