How To Curb Digital Piracy

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This one goes very well with the story beneath this one. Here’s a very intelligent article telling the entertainment industry the easiest way to curb piracy. Instead of putting your customers in jail – start thinking of customers as empowered users – and not viewers. If they’re marketing to users, instead of passive receivers of content, you have a lot more options. They can be more creative in ways to make money, while embracing what customers want out of digital content. Of course, the entertainment industry doesn’t seem to want to think creatively, and instead prefers its current method of shoving overproduced crap down the throats of sheeple. If the music industry had any visionary people, they’d realize that the market has already changed on them, and instead of trying to hold back the tide, they’d change with it. In the end, they’re going to be forced to change anyway – but they’re making the process so much more difficult.

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Comments on “How To Curb Digital Piracy”

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1 Comment
gray powell says:


I know exactly what you mean. The audience is going to change very fast on the recording industry, and I fear what they will do then. They are digging themselves a deep hole, and they have no people in their management that are worth a damn. I’ve already written countless senators and representatives about internet radio, hoping to get something changed, but I doubt it will. AHHH I hate FM radio!!!!!!!!

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