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I have to admit that, these days, before I buy just about any book I check out the user reviews at Amazon.com. I know that not all of them are legit (I’ve heard from authors that their friends and family members have gotten good at writing up Amazon reviews for them…), but it often does give me a good sense of what type of book it is, and what type of readers seem to like it (or dislike it). I’ve never written a review for Amazon, though, and I never really thought about who these people are. Wired has an article looking at just what sort of person writes online book reviews. They also look at some of the other sites (beyond Amazon) that provides amateur book reviews.

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readerRabbit says:

Re: Re: Writes two reviews a day???

Reading two books a day is not hard if they are fairly lightweight and you read fast (I can read at around 1000wpm) and you have the time. I often read a book in an evening. The point of course is that is *reading* the book. In order to review a book you don’t have to read it properly (and knowning speed reading techniques helps here too). An experienced book reviewer could easily two books a day if not more.

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