Where Have All The Good CEOs Gone?

from the the-bad-ones-are-on-their-way-to-Mexico,-apparently dept

A number of articles are now being written about what seems like the complete collapse of executive honesty these days, wondering where all the good CEOs have gone. There’s lot of finger pointing going on as well. Some blame the fact that we don’t teach ethics any more. Others blame Wall Street’s short term perspective. Some blame the regulators. The fact is the whole system is screwed up. When everyone was getting rich, no one wanted to fix things. Now that people are losing money, the truth is starting to come out. Things will (of course) only get worse for the time being, as we clean out the bad. Hopefully, though, these events will help to fix the system as much as possible (though, some will argue it’s simply not fixable). In the meantime, we turn to SatireWire for their thoughts, and discover (smart move) that all the CEOs of public companies in America are making a break for Mexico and plundering towns and villages with their dubious accounting practices along the way.

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