The Return Of Arrogance

from the it-never-goes-away dept

Arrogant, egotistical CEOs are taking a lot of the blame for the recent corporate disasters and scandals. Suddenly the “celebrity CEO” isn’t looking so hot. Wired Magazine has an article saying that arrogant leaders don’t go away. So, while they’re certainly learning to be a bit quieter right now, we should expect arrogant leaders to jump back to the forefront soon enough. While it would be nice to have more people see through the arrogance, it’s unlikely to happen. Sure, right now there’s a pervasive cynicism among people looking at corporate leaders, but that’s just the current bandwagon everyone’s on. A few big success stories, and well placed magazine covers, and we’ll have our new celebrity corporate leaders. One of the quotes in the article says it all: “in a complex world, people are going to look for simple answers.”

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