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Just Two More Quarters… Yet Again

from the it-never-stops dept

I first heard the “the tech sector should recover in two quarters” prediction in mid-2000 (soon after the tech sector tanked). When I heard it again early in 2001, I realized that it was the perfect prediction for many analysts. Two quarters sounds reasonable, and is just long enough for people to forget your prediction by the time it rolls around. Last month we pointed out that the just two more quarters rule was still in effect as people started predicting a recovery towards the end of this year. Now that we’re hitting the halfway point, it’s time for the predictions to be bumped back again, and it turns out we should expect a tech sector recovery in early 2003… just two quarters away. I must tell you, this has been the longest six months of my life.

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Comments on “Just Two More Quarters… Yet Again”

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tj says:

No Subject Given

this is a repeat of early 90s, 91 recession, same bs it will get better in 2 quarters and this was the song until 1995 when things picked up. General economy appears bad because its working off too many dumb investments and lots of IT is replacing redundant labor. If you are in the right sector, economy has never been better.

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