What To Do If The Boss Is Addicted To The Internet

from the an-intervention? dept

The Chicago Tribune has an ever useful article telling you what to do if your boss is addicted to the internet. I’m wondering if people all over will suddenly start accusing their bosses of having an internet addiction problem. The addiction specialists interviewed for the article don’t necessarily agree. One says that employees should follow the company’s policies on any sort of addiction, bringing in HR to try to help deal with the “addiction”. The other says that since internet addiction isn’t covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, involving HR might not be a good idea – since it might just get the boss fired for misusing the company’s computers. Of course, I wonder how you deal with an internet addiction problem if being on the internet is an integral part of your job (something that’s different from most addictions). It’s not like you can just quit cold turkey and go back to work…

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