Lech Walesa As Tech Freedom Fighter

from the technology-gets-rid-of-communism? dept

Lech Walesa is famous for many things, most notably leading Eastern Europe away from communism. However, his new obsession is technology. Wired is running an interview with Walesa where he talks about how technology helps bring down communist governments by making information free. He says there’s a difference between governments that spy on their people to prevent things that are harmful to the government – and those that spy on people to prevent things that are harmful to society. He also mentions that he likes to surf the web and go into various chat rooms, using his real name. No one ever believes it’s really him.

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Comments on “Lech Walesa As Tech Freedom Fighter”

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1 Comment
Elisabeth Jane Shinkarik Doak says:

Auld Lang Syne

Dear Mr. Walesa, I have heard you have been very ill and I am distressed to know that. I hope and pray you will be fully recovered soon. I remember the old days and the freedom fighter you, and my earthly father, were. There is terrible trouble here and I would like your help. If you can, please telephone me. I am in the phonebook (under the last name–now divorced).
Again, all the best, Elisa Doak (Cherie Brosnan)

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