Lawsuit Filed Against Record Labels For Copy Protection

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Class action lawsuit firm Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes & Lerach (these guys have a history of filing class action lawsuits whenever possible) is trying to work their magic by accusing the five major record labels of selling defective CDs for putting out CDs with copy protection. The recording industry responded by saying that they can do whatever they want with their CDs. Amazingly, that’s what consumers want to do as well, but the irony seems to be lost on the recording industry. That said, I actually think the music industry might be right on this one. Technically, they are allowed to do what they want in putting technology on the CDs they sell. However, I do think it’s incredibly short sighted. They’re simply encouraging people not to buy their CDs by making them less of what the consumer wants. It’s a business strategy that makes very little sense to me.

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