ReplayTV Users Sue Entertainment Industry

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A group of ReplayTV users, led by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and helped along by the EFF, have decided to proactively sue the entertainment industry to retain their rights as consumers. They’re asking for the courts to affirm their rights to “digitally record television programs, fast-forward through commercials, and send shows to other devices.” Well, this should be a fun time.

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Comments on “ReplayTV Users Sue Entertainment Industry”

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Digital Pirate says:

This is AWESOME!

I like seeing stuff like this. People are getting sick and tired of Hollywood’s ever-increasing stream of BS, and it’s about time people started fighting back! The corporate GREED of Hollywood’s companies, execs, and especially, lawyers, has created a critical mass of disdain against the industry. I find myself downloading copyrighted files — music, movies, and software — not because I necessarily want or need them, but simply as a way of thumbing my nose at the powers that be. That’s right — a big FU to the industry.

It’s time to unite against the GREED, people! The GREED has to stop somewhere!

A non mouse says:

No Subject Given

I was excited to hear this at first… then I thought… Hollywood already owns the judicial branch. The group will more than likely lose. They’ll yell, “It hurts the economy” and the courts will agree like good little lemmings. Just like when the goverment says it’s going to raise taxes. People get angry and make lots of noise. Then the government tells you it’s for either the eldery or the disadvantaged children. Everyone then nods their heads and says, “Ohhh… as long as it’s for the kids” and then the government spends it on something fantastic like a ultra-violet chicken washer or something else less worthy.

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