Internet Is Too Fragile

from the the-sky-is-falling dept

John Quaterman believes that the internet is too fragile for e-business. He might be a bit biased since his business is rating ISPs – and most of the point of his talk was that we need to use a national ISP rating system. Not that I’m against improving the infrastructure of the internet and making it more stable – but it seems the internet has actually done a pretty good job keeping itself going for quite a while now. If it was so unstable, wouldn’t we have seen a major outage?

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Comments on “Internet Is Too Fragile”

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1 Comment
Matt Hines (user link) says:

sky is falling

Even though I authored this piece for TechTarget, I must agree that John Quarterman is taking this to a pretty high level of scrutiny. I don’t think he necessarily thinks the Internet is incapable of supporting the kind of e-business applications that are commonly in use today, I think he’s mainly concerned that all these high-flying XML-based “Web services” that everyone is promising to deliver might tax a lot of ISPs to the point where they cannot perform capably. I think he’s also just calling for a thinning of the head, ISP-wise…

Always feel free to respond to stories and pitch ideas for Internet-based coverage to me at, thanks for reading.

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