Movie88 Moves To Iran

from the stop-us-now dept

Ah, silly entertainment industry. Instead of offering people a real alternative to “pirated” entertainment online, they want to treat everyone like a criminal. Plenty of people have tried to tell the entertainment industry that by not offering a real alternative, they’re simply driving their customer elsewhere, and the entertainment industry still doesn’t listen. Earlier this year, when was a big deal offering streaming movies online from Taiwan, the industry had our government pressure the Taiwanese government into shutting it down. Yet again, they had a chance to embrace something, and use it to their own advantage – but instead, chose to shut it down. Now, they won’t receive any benefit. Movie88 has relaunched as Film88, based out of Iran, which has no diplomatic relations with the US and (apparently) couldn’t care less about our copyright laws. While this is just one site which may or may not last or make a difference, it is an example of a perfectly good idea – that the entertainment industry let slip through their hands. If they had just embraced the internet originally, they could be the ones making money off of it.

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