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Apparently, eBay addicts were suffering from withdrawal every time they left their computer. eBay is now offering a new service that will let people up their bids on items from their mobile phones. Previously, they would only alert you to certain things, but you couldn’t act on them – making stranded eBay addicts go through the pain and suffering of being far away from an internet connected computer just when they most needed it. Like any service to help addicts feed their addiction, this one will cost. For the “privilege” of being able to bid from your mobile phone, you will have to pay $2.95 a month.

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Comments on “eBay From Anywhere”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Just don't get it

Seems most people don’t understand proxy bidding. Place your max bid and wait for it to end. If you don’t win it was more than you wanted to spend. Simple.

Seems to me you’ve never had your proxy bid bested by $0.53 with 3 minutes to go in an auction.

Believe me, this is a good thing.

BID! BID! BID! says:

Re: Re: Just don't get it

If you were bested my $0.53 (or any amount) then it was $0.53 more than you wanted to spend. If you really really must have an item then put in the absolute max you are willing to spend. This is the whole purpose behind proxy bidding. Don’t put a max that I’d like to pay but I’d happily pay more. Maximum bid means maximum bid not maximum before I feel like I’m not getting the best deal possible.

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