Blogging For Fun and Profit

from the you-can-make-money-doing-that? dept

We always read with interest articles about the rise of blogging. In fact, we’re drowning in them. The latest angle of these articels seems to be “now that we’ve got all these blogs the next step is for someone to figure out if how to make money with them”. Not surprisingly, most of the ideas focus on using blogs to reach niche audiences. We’ve already tried that with the web and I’m not sure blogs are going to be anymore successful in this respect. Nor do I believe that blog advertising will generate enough money for anyone, but a select few, to make a living. That said, I believe there is viable model out there, but no one has stumbled upon it yet.

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Comments on “Blogging For Fun and Profit”

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prashant says:

Re: No Subject Given

I can see where you are coming from. But another way to look at the problem is that some people really like blogging and would like to make it their full time job. And as they say, you gotta eat. I don’t think anyone is saying that blogging is not worthwhile because there’s no money in it. Exactly the opposite. Blogging is so worthwhile, there has to be money in it somewhere.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Actually, I agree that it’s a little sad that there’s so much emphasis on making money from blogging. I don’t think there needs to be a business model at all. I think most blogs shouldn’t have a business model at all, and should be done in the spirit they were created in the first place: as a hobby.

However, on the same note, if people come up with a business model that works for *them*, then more power to them.

I think there’s too much of a focus on “how can we make money” out of something that people do for fun. Doing something for a living, and doing something as a hobby are two totally different mindsets.

The problem I have is with people who neccessarily assume that all blogs must come up with a business model to continue… as if it’s this big problem that needs to be dealt with.

Brian says:

Re: Not enough attention

I think that not enough attention is put on making a profit. I wonder how we could make money off of pMan’s comments? We could sell them to anti-capitalistic magazine. We could use them to improve struggling school kids grammar, or perhaps we could do a reverse look-up of pMan and sell his contact info to companies looking for people like him?
Just kidding.

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