Senate Mail System Forces Political Spam

from the keep-on-sending-on dept

Senator Joseph Lieberman tried to email a bunch of reporters earlier this week to tell them about his new broadband bill. Unfortunately, he was using the incredibly outdated cc:mail from Lotus and somehow it kept sending the email over and over again. Apparently, reporters have said they’ve received “dozens” of copies of the same email. What’s scary is the article says that all Senators are required to use cc:mail currently. I used cc:mail many years ago (it was the official email program for a period of time at Intel), and it was the worst email program I had ever seen. I had no idea that anyone was still using such an awful program. Some people are hoping that this screwup may convince the Senate to update their mail system finally. So, now, of course, we can look forward to our Senators sending out the latest Outlook-induced viruses to all constituents. That should be fun.

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