Blockbuster Taking On Netflix

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I guess this isn’t a huge surprise, but Blockbuster has had enough of watching Netflix slowly eat into their market. It seems the Netflix IPO may have been the last straw, as Blockbuster is getting ready to launch their own all-you-can-eat DVD rental plan. However, instead of doing it through the mail, you can just go down to your local Blockbuster and pick up the DVDs you want. Of course, some people seem to like the convenience of just doing everything through the mail – but at least with Blockbuster, you get more instant gratification. I imagine that both models work for some people.

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Comments on “Blockbuster Taking On Netflix”

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Jared says:

Re: Netflix vs Blockbuster

I agree. Sometimes you feel like watching some really obscure piece of junk movie (like any Ed Wood title). Blockbuster (and most other major players) don’t carry anything but the stuff that is currently being mass consumed. Netflix claims that they have practically any movie ported to DVD and I’ve found this to be true. It also lets you build you queue in spurts. Spend 20 mins. browsing at your own pace, set the movies you want to see and in what order and sit back and let them come. Also as a sidebar, I queued a movie when it was released in theaters and got in in the mail the day that it was released on DVD. Blockbuster can’t do that.

Avid Movie Watcher says:

Re: Netflix vs Blockbuster

Ah, you guys used to be right. Being a Netflix customer since February 2002, I initially enjoyed getting the movies I wanted, and fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Netflix seems to be getting overbooked, at least where I am. I now get movies way down in my list sent way before what I want. All popular movies take forever. By the time I watch the non-popular movies, ship them back, and get the popular one, several weeks passes from when I put the popular one the top of the list.
I’m very bummed with Netflix’s “Very Long Wait”. I think I’ll go down to Blockbuster and rent the movie I want that’s “Guaranteed” to be there.

MeV says:

But Blockbuster can charge you for movies you alre

They were even sued by the State of Texas for it. Now when I return videos, I ask the flunky behind the counter to sign and date the rental receipt saying I returned them. It freaks them out but so far, I haven’t had a problem.

My mother, however, has been hit three times by this problem and refuses to rent at a LackLuster. It just galls her that they accused her of something that’s their fault then were real twits about taking it off her record.

Maybe now, LackLuster will switch to a frequent renter plan like Netflix. Their current model doesn’t seem to be growing very much.

Dingnacious says:

Blockbuster stinks!

Put me as another satisfied customer in the Netflix column. I’m buying a healthy dose of Netlfix stock as soon as I get the chance. I despise Blockbuster with its long lines and greedy late fees. Even as a “gold member” the rats behind the counter would never cut me a break even if I was a tiny bit late with a movie. No more. Bring on the netflix baby!!!!

robin says:

Re: Blockbuster stinks!

At first I thought Netflix was great. I got on the 3 plan and due to my close proximity to Atlanta I could sometimes get 6 movies in a week.

Then I got on the 8 plan and things went rapidly downhill.

I could see when they shipped, movies arrive the next day, but returns could take a week!

Then I started to see a pattern of messages from them that they had received the movie back – yet I’d never received it. I’ve contacted them repeatedly on this and they refuse to respond.

Lately all I get is damaged DVDs, and messages that they receive movies back, but I’ve never received them.

I have sent numerous e-mails to them with nothing but canned responses.

I think the idea behind what they offer is a great, but I find them to be dishonest and completely non-customer orientated.

I thought it was just me. A single google search on ?Netflix Sucks? found thousands of topics. The first page alone led me to many like this one ? numerous stories about Netflix screwing their customers.

I?m canceling my account end of this month.

Paul says:

Blockbuster Stinks

BB publicized a new program designed to take customers from Netflix. But they were very sneaky in a bait and switch kind of way. For $17.99 they offered to mail 3 movies just like Netflix, but they also allowed you to return the movies to a BB store and swap them for another movie, and still have another replacement movie mailed to you. Also you would get an e coupon every month for a free movie. Of course i signed up for this, just like thousands of other people. The trick was that after a few months, BB determined who the most frequest users were and switched them to another subscription plan without their permission. The new plan had fewer priviledges. The net effect was to take netflix customers and only allow their new subscription plan to be used by people who did not rent that many movies. Very sneaky, possibly illegal, could be a class action issue before long. Either way, I don’t like being tricked. Blockbuster stinks.

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