New Rules For Internet Advertising

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Wired Magazine is running a list of five new rules for internet advertising based on the “success” of pop-up ads. Since the ads only work when they’re intrusive, and you don’t want to show too many of them or you’ll piss off the visitor enough not to come back, the new “rules” basically say content sites should focus on having people come in quickly (just long enough to get a pop up ad) and then have them go away. People who stick around a site (according to the article) are simply “freeloaders”. Thus, online communities and stickiness are now bad. I reread the article to check to see if it’s a parody, but I’m guessing it’s not. I still stand by my assertion that any business model that requires you to annoy your users tends to be a bad business model, long term.

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Comments on “New Rules For Internet Advertising”

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goneaway (user link) says:

The laughable part...

is that more than a few folks employ pop up killers these days. Sites that have no content and two dozen pop up ads are just wasting bandwidth by bombarding people with advertising that they either will never see or will close as quickly as they possibly can.
There are several sites (which will remain nameless) that I routinely visit who employ this kind of obnoxiousness. When I visit I do it with a text based browser and circumvent the pop up explosion altogether. Visiting familiar sites with a text based browser also reveals an ugly truth about most websites – there just isn’t much real content there.

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