Comcast Sued Over Tracking

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Back in February there was a huge uproar about Comcast admitting they were tracking users online. They quickly admitted it was a mistake and stopped doing it. However, now the lawyers are swarming and a multimillion dollar lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Comcast users. I have mixed feelings about this. There is a part that thinks that these types of lawsuits will make companies think twice before tracking their users without telling them. However, Comcast did respond quickly to customer outrage and stopped the tracking right away. I’m not sure what a lawsuit accomplishes at this point other than making a bunch of lawyers a bit wealthier.

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Comments on “Comcast Sued Over Tracking”

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estelle says:

Comcast Cable Corp.

They should be investigated for fraud. They lie like crazy about any situation and fight with the customers over the phone. They don’t give a rats ass if you switch to satalite and they keep raising the price for cable constantly. Seriously they get away with everything. Why? Contact the consumer fair act website and post all your comcast complaints and maybe someone with authority will listen and do some investigating on them and stop that company. What happen to customer is always right or customer satisfaction?
Shut them down!

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