Time For Ike.com?

from the do-we-want-government-involved? dept

Infoworld has a short opinion piece comparing the internet situation of today with the physical road infrastructure of the US 50 years ago. Basically, the premise is that Eisenhower helped build the national highway system for the purpose of national defense – but the real benefit came in the form of interstate commerce. These days, perhaps the government should be pushing for broadband adoption or pushing for local communities to set up WiFi networks. Even if the reason is for national defense, again, the real benefit could come for businesses. The writer touches on the issue of content and other companies of today resisting this because they want to retain “control”. However, he suggests it’s time for them to embrace the technology, look for new business models, and help push the economy forward instead of holding it back. While I have no problem with the government putting in place incentives to adopt technology, I worry that they’ll start telling people which technology they have to use.

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Comments on “Time For Ike.com?”

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1 Comment
Death Mango says:

wireless not good

I love wireless, but it’s notoriously easy to crack. And public wireless networks will just create a huge target for terrorists and crooks. Every grandma who doesn’t know crap about encryption will be ordering stuff in a public network and thieves will be grabbing their credit card numbers. So how could you justify wireless nets as a security benefit?

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