Pop Unders Patented

from the well,-that's-good-and-bad... dept

It seems that someone’s filed a patent for those annoying pop-under ads and isn’t even waiting for the patent to be approved. Instead, they’re planning on going after anyone who’s using pop unders to try to drum up some licensing revenue (thanks to a new law concerning patents that lets you go after offenders if you publish the patent). One would hope, of course, that the patent office never approves such a silly patent – but it does make you wonder if license fees might make some companies slow down their pop under onslaught.

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Comments on “Pop Unders Patented”

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Lee says:

I wish I had thought of that

I wish I had thought of that.

Not that I use pop unders, I hate them. However, if I held the patent on pop unders I could go after the people who do use them, I would consider it a public service to stop the practice.

I wonder if anyone has patented spam.

All seriousness aside, trying to patent pop unders this late in the game is a waste of time.

Duffman says:

Re: No Subject Given

That’s not what happens here. First you complain that some articles are off topic, then you copmain that articles that are relevant have been posted somewhere else. Do you also complain if both NBC and ABC news broadcast the same story? If something is important or noticable, then it will probably be reflected in the fact that multiple sites will post it. Mike’s posted many articles before slashdot has picked up on them. And both have lots of articles on their own. Deal with it.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

What’s funny, of course, is that I didn’t find this at Slashdot, and now that I went and checked out the /. story they’ve even linked to a different article than I did. Of course, if you also count up the number of times stories show up here before /., I think we’re leading the way by quite a bit. I wonder if this kid goes to /. and complains when they have the same stories we do.

Anyway, it was just a troll. Thanks for the support Duffman, but I’m sure it will make no difference.

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