Do Americans Want An mLife?

from the it's-the-headsets,-stupid dept

AT&T has made a big splash with their iMode-wannabe service, called mMode, which is part of their whole mLife campaign. However, people in the US are asking whether or not we really want an mLife. This article suggests that we would want an mLife if we only knew what it was like in Japan. Some say that Americans will never be as fascinated by wireless data access on their mobile phones, simply because we tend to drive everywhere (and thus, don’t have excess time waiting around for public transportation) and because we have full fledged PCs waiting for us at both ends of our daily commute. However, there is an argument to be made that it’s the headsets (and the corresponding network) that’s held back true wireless data adoption. The difference in using one of today’s mobile phones in the US and playing with one of the nicer ones like the Ericsson T68 is very noticeable. I used to think that it wouldn’t make a big difference, until I had the chance to play with the T68. So, then, why aren’t cool headsets like the T68 or those found in the Japanese market making it to the US? The varying standards have always been a problem. But, the growth of headsets sales has slowed in Japan and they’re starting to turn their eyes stateside. So, expect much cooler phones to finally start showing up here, along with much more useful wireless data services. It’s about time.

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Comments on “Do Americans Want An mLife?”

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Anonymous Coward says:


This service is of little use to any post-pubic person. If you have something to say pick up your cell phone and make a phone call. Sending text messages on a cell phone does not make you cool or modern. It makes you an adolescent. Why not use morse code to communicate with each other? Pick up your phone and bash the * symbol endlessly to talk to your friends!

Mike (profile) says:

Re: mLife

Heh. Actually, despite being significantly past the adolescent stage of my life, I fine text messaging to be quite useful. There are plenty of times when it’s a better solution than calling. I don’t do it to be cool (how is it cool, anyway? no one even sees you doing it!) but because it’s often the easiest way to communicate with someone.

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