eBay Gets Into The Scalping Business

from the tickets?--who-needs-tickets? dept

I recently went to a Giants game with a friend at PacBell Park. My friend bought some scalped tickets outside the ballpark, but as he was walking away, he suddenly noticed that the tickets were for the previous day’s game. Luckily, he ran back to the scalper (who was still standing there) and pointed it out to him – and the scalper apologized and exchanged them for real tickets. Obviously, the scalper was trying to scam my friend, but didn’t want to make a big scene when caught. This is generally the big problem with scalped tickets. It’s pretty easy to sell a fraudulent product. However, eBay now wants into the game of scalping tickets. They’re trying to partner with companies who resell tickets, and are hoping they can prevent fraud by requiring sellers to properly identify themselves.

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