AO-Hell Indeed

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Despite all the work that AOL has done in trying to improve their reputation, it seems that most of their users hate the service. Nearly 60% of AOL users surveyed say they plan to switch to another service provider at some point in the future. Of course, people say stuff all the time. It remains to be seen how many will actually leave, though Microsoft’s new promotion is certainly targeted at unhappy AOLers.

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Comments on “AO-Hell Indeed”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

2 grains of salt

[Not that I’m a fan of AOL or anything; I just like being a contrarian.]

1. They surveyed “web surfers.” Perhaps that’s just sloppy reporting, but if the people selected for the survey are surfing the web outside of AOL, then they may not be representative of AOL’s true user base, since there are probably many people who rarely venture outside AOL’s walled garden of proprietary content.

2. Even if they’re dissatisfied, why would they want to go to MSN? It’s still not broadband, is it?

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