Kazaa Virus Designed To Stop Copyrighted Material From Trading

from the taking-the-law-into-your-own-hands dept

There’s been a lot of articles today talking about the “Benjamin” virus that is getting passed around by Kazaa. Early articles on it suggested that it had a commercial purpose, to drive people to certain websites which have ads. However, the creators of the virus have spoken up saying they created it to stop the trading of copyrighted materials and child porn. Basically, they’ve decided that they can make their own laws, and decide what’s illegal and what’s not and decide their own punishment.

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Comments on “Kazaa Virus Designed To Stop Copyrighted Material From Trading”

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Spunky says:

No Subject Given

These virus makers should be lock up along with that guy who wrote the Melissa virus. Stupid tossers.

I’ve got it. I shall create a vigilante group of thugs who will go around town beating up nerds just in case they are a virus maker, hacker or cracker….thats the way to solve the problem of these fuckers…………NOT

IDIOTS, hope they get caught go to prison and like male company

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

This is the story they’re telling in order to protect themselves if they get caught. They could care less about piracy and child porn (BTW how does Benjamin determine the difference between child and adult porn?). They wanted to create a virus/worm that would gain them bragging rights among their friends and get their creation on TV and tech websites. When they’re caught they’re going to plead with they didn’t realize their actions were illegal. Their lawyer will also plead that they’re simply guilty of misplaced patriotism and have learned their lesson. Problem is these children are unaware that this defense has been used by many before them.

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