Greedy Automakers

from the stick-with-what-you-know dept

Telematics is a long term growth industry and will probably become common place in automobiles over time. For automakers its been viewed as a way to become more high tech and a great new source of revenues. But the biggest problem is automakers and being too greedy. They should stick with what they know, building cars, and build platforms for other’s to innovate on and help them differentiate their products.

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Comments on “Greedy Automakers”

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1 Comment
D Henkel-Wallace says:

So true, so hopeless

They can’t even standardize on the phone interface — instead cars are still “mobile phone ready” only if you buy a specific phone from them! Pathetic!

There’s no chance they’ll open up the rest. It seems that a voice-activated dialing system that won’t kill pedestrians is a proprietary feature (a killer app?)

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